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I am md jewel hossain. My friends and family members call me jewel.

You can also call me by my nick name “jewel”

I am 30 years old married guy, I am married for last 3 years.

Jannatul ferdous munni is my wife name. she is a beautiful, talented girl. I like her company.

Besides this my mother lives with us, we are 3 member in total.

It’s a lovely family. We are happy in our family.

Currently I am trying to build my carrier as a freelancer, I want to be a successful digital marketer, mainly SEO & affiliate marketing are my area. I have some blog about affiliate marketing.

Since I want to be millioniaire within 2025 so investing is my another area of choice. i dream to be a better investor so that I can multiple my mine in short time. For that I try to study different kinds of enterprenours books. I strongly believe that if I continue my journey & trying daily basis, it’s quite possible to achieve my goal within given time.

& I also know that I have to struggle hard & stay focus to achieve my goal. Because nothing is possible without focus & constant trying.

Insha allah I hope I can overcame any type of difficulties that come in my way and I am preparing myself like that.

Within December 2025, I will have a beautiful apartment, nice car & decent amount of money in my bank account,

And within that given time I want to live by a passive income.

Which means I have to create some income generating source & have to make it auto pilot. That’s means I won’t have to work all day long there to produce income. I’ll just spend few hours a month or a week to look after my that income generating source or business.

As I said earlier affiliate marketing & SEO are my chosen area so I have to learn these two skills properly & have to make a SEO agency and few affiliate site that generates handsome profit.

& through my SEO agency I can do some freelance work in market place by doing that I can survive and persuie my dreams to become a millionaire by 2025.

Affiliate site & investing will bring my financial freedom.

For that reason I should study about investing everyday & try to implement my knowledge in any practical fields like as- stock market, forex, gold or land or any kind of other sector which can bring good return on investment.

If I can make a affiliate site which can produce one thousand dollar in a month I can sell that site one thousand multiple 30 times, that means I will be able to sell it in $30.000

If I want to make bdt 2 coror taka by 2025 I have to make a site which can produce almost 8.000 dollar per month.

A site which produce $8.000 per month that site can be sold at $240.000 at a time which is equivelent to ( 2 coror ) taka.

Insha Allah, I will pursuit my dream. May Allah give me that strength to accomplish my dreams. Amin.